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I Chose To Keep My Family Off Media And Social Media; Mad Rat Opens Up


In a recent exclusive interview, Dickson Lubega, popularly known as Mad Rat from the renowned “Madrat and Chiko Comedy Group”, made a surprising revelation about his decision to keep his family away from the public eye. The comedian and actor explained that his primary motivation for this choice is the protection of his loved ones from potential threats that could arise from undue attention. Moreover, Mad Rat clarified misconceptions surrounding his religious beliefs, emphasizing that his conversion to Islam was a personal decision unrelated to his wife’s affiliation with the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

Mad Rat’s decision to keep his family away from media and social media platforms stems from his deep-rooted concern for their safety and well-being. In an era where public figures often face intrusive scrutiny and invasive paparazzi, Mad Rat recognized the potential risks associated with exposing his family to such attention. By shielding his loved ones from the public eye, he aims to create a secure environment where they can thrive without unnecessary external interference.

Celebrities, especially those in the limelight, often face various challenges in maintaining their privacy. The invasion of personal space, unwarranted prying, and potential threats from obsessed fans or malicious individuals are just a few of the risks involved. Mad Rat’s decision to protect his family from these potential dangers is rooted in his understanding of the responsibility that comes with fame. By keeping his family away from media and social media, he hopes to create a protective barrier that allows them to lead ordinary lives outside the realm of public scrutiny.

Mad rat and Chiko
Mad rat and Chiko

In the entertainment industry, striking a balance between personal and professional lives can be particularly challenging. Mad Rat acknowledges the importance of keeping these spheres separate to maintain the authenticity and privacy of his family relationships. By ensuring that his personal life remains detached from his public persona, he can navigate the demands of his career while preserving the sanctity of his family life.

During the interview, Mad Rat also took the opportunity to address misconceptions surrounding his religious beliefs. He asserted that his decision to convert to Islam was a personal choice and not influenced by any external factors, including his wife’s affiliation with the Seventh-day Adventist faith. By clarifying this point, Mad Rat aims to dispel any rumors or assumptions that might arise due to his family’s religious diversity, emphasizing the importance of respecting individual beliefs within his household.

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