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Majority Today Want To Be Singers; Eddy Kenzo Delighted To Have Been An Inspiration

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Eddy Kenzo, who is the Grammy nominated Ugandan singer and founder of the record label known as Big Talent Entertainment, is so much grateful to have been an inspiration to several ghetto youths with whom he lived with.

According to Eddy Kenzo, as he grew up in the ghetto, majority of the youths wanted to be drug dealers and they loved so much to smoke because the ghettos could get cold at most times.

“In the ghettos where I grew up, the majority of my friends wanted to be drug dealers because it was a job that they thought suited them very well. Streets were so cold and smoking was the best option for many of them,” Eddy Kenzo said.

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Today, when the Grammy nominee visits the same ghettos where he grew from, the majority developed the passion for music and want to be singers like him which is a total sign of inspiration.

“Today, when I go back to the same ghettos, the majority want to be singers like me. That means a lot to me,” Eddy Kenzo added.


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