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Manzi wa Kibera and Her Reported 66-Year-Old Boyfriend Set to Walk Down the Aisle Soon

Manzi wa kibera

Manzi wa Kibera, whose real name is Shariffa Sharon Wambui, has captured the attention of the Kenyan media and social media enthusiasts with her captivating presence as a socialite, video vixen, and Instagram celebrity. Rising to fame after her appearance on Eric Omondi’s reality TV show, Wife Material, she has amassed a significant following through her bold and raunchy posts on social media platforms.

The Kenyan socialite revealed that she has found love with a 66yearold boyfriend, dispelling speculations of it being a publicity stunt. This article explores their journey and the possibility of an upcoming wedding.

Shariffa Sharon Wambui, popularly known as Manzi wa Kibera, surprised many by announcing her relationship with a 66-year-old man. The revelation came during an interview with Nicholas Kioko, where the couple expressed their genuine affection for one another. Manzi wa Kibera was quick to dismiss claims that their relationship was solely for clout, asserting that what they share is true love.

Putting an end to the rumors surrounding their relationship, Manzi wa Kibera took to her Instagram account to announce a significant milestone in their journey. She shared a photo of herself being fitted for a wedding dress, leaving her followers in anticipation of an upcoming wedding. This announcement was met with a mix of surprise, excitement, and curiosity from her fans, as they eagerly await further details about the couple’s plans.

Wedding dress
Wedding dress

It is worth noting that Manzi wa Kibera has built a reputation for her audacious and uninhibited lifestyle, making her union with a much older partner even more intriguing. However, as she has emphasized, their relationship is not motivated by societal expectations or public attention, but rather by a genuine emotional connection. This declaration has led many to believe that their union could indeed be headed towards a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Manzi wa Kibera’s relationship with her 66-year-old boyfriend challenges societal norms and reminds us that age should never be a barrier to love. By sharing their story, they have opened up discussions about unconventional relationships and have demonstrated that true connections can form regardless of age or social status. Their love has touched the hearts of many, serving as a reminder that the power of love knows no boundaries.

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