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Martha Kay Applauds Her Mother For Her Continuous Care

martha_kay_with_her_mother (2)

Comedienne, actress and radio personality Martha Kay is thankful to have visited her mother after a while. Martha Kay shared photos of herself close to her mother having some mother-child moment.

Martha Kay is witnessed smiling and grateful to have been by her mother’s side. She thanked her mother for taking care of her and being available always because she is everything a daughter deserves.

“It’s been a long tough couple of months but I’m grateful I had you by my side. Thank you for taking care of me mama. You are everything I ever needed,” Martha Kay wrote on her pages.


To most people, mothers are regarded as the most valuable creature on earth and some even reach an extent of considering losing a father first than a mother. However, both parents are valuable and one should always pray for their long life.


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