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Maureen Waititu Explained Struggles Within Weight Loss

Maureen Waititu

Kenyan model, actress and content creator better known as Maureen Waititu finally lost 22kg body weight after gastric balloon process. The model confessed that it has been a struggle through the whole process.

Through her timeline, Maureen Waititu cautioned several people against body shaming people online. The Kenyan model affirmed that she tried out all possible solutions such as; working out as well as eating less but all never worked for her.

“I did everything I could to stay fit and healthy but no matter how many times I worked out or how little I ate, I kept pilling on the kilos but I thank God that is behind me now,” Maureen Waititu wrote.

Maureen Waititu photo
Maureen Waititu photo

Besides showing off her body transformation after undergoing gastric balloon weight loss procedure, Maureen Waititu has been working on herself since her ugly breakup with Frankie Just Gym It who dumped her for greener pastures.

Congratulations Maureen Waititu upon your body weight loss.

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