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Meet My New Friend; Diamond Platnumz Bought Himself A Pet Snake

diamond_platnumz_with_chichi (1)

Tanzanian Bongo Star and song writer popularly known as Diamond Platnumz, has bought himself a pet snake and expressed how he has always longed to own himself a snake.

The Tanzanian music export displayed a video of himself on his social media handles playing with his newly acquire pet snake, he named it Chichi, his new friend.

“I have always been excited to have my own snake as pet. Guys meet my new friend Chichi.” Diamond Platnumz wrote.

Several species are commonly kept by people at their homes or in cages as pets. These include; king snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, various pythons particularly ball pythons.

Diamond Platnumz has now acquired himself a snake as pet. Below are some of his photos holding and playing with his pet snake named Chichi.

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