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Milly Chebby Twerking On Bahati, Bahati Couldn’t Hold For Long


A video of media personality Milly Chebby twerking on singer Kevin Kioko better known as Bahati emerged over the weekend and still circulating on social media. The video has left a number of social media users with various questions such as; where is the marriage respect? Where is the boundary? As a number of them commented branding it as being shameful.

“That is really a bad picture for a married woman. Can I really fathom my wife doing that with my friend?? A woman’s body is sacred,” Anko Jose Katumbide commented.

Milly Chebby

In the video, Milly Chebby and Bahati all dressed in white are seen enjoying cozy moments. Milly Chebby slowly twerked her body on Bahati as the singer followed the sound of the song that was in the background, the dance seemed romantic. So, Bahati couldn’t hold it for long.

“Bahati’s wife capturing the moment says a lot in this issue. Sasa Terrance ku complete the equation…a journey of many miles begins with one step…people don’t decide their future, they decide their habits, and their habits decides their future,” Kiriro wa Muhoya wrote.

Milly Chebby is married to comedian Lawrence Macharia, commonly referred to as Terence Creative. Bahati is a married too, he married content creator Diana Marua and they have been together for this long. Surprisingly, it is believed that the cozy moment was recorded by Diana Marua.


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