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MP Muhammad Nsereko Revealed He Advocated Support For Hon. Ssegirinya’s Treatment


In a remarkable display of empathy and solidarity, Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Muhammad Nsereko has revealed that he was the driving force behind his fellow legislator, Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya, seeking medical treatment.

Nsereko’s unwavering support for his colleague’s health journey reflects his commitment to standing up for those in need. This article delves into the details of their relationship, sheds light on their roles in the Ugandan Parliament, and underscores Nsereko’s dedication to aiding those in distress.

Muhammad Nsereko, a seasoned MP who has represented the Kampala Central Division constituency since 2011, has emerged as a prominent figure not only due to his legislative prowess but also his humane approach to issues affecting his colleagues. Hon. Muhammad Ssegirinya, an opposition MP representing Kawempe North, faced significant challenges following his release from Luzira prison in February. Accused of involvement in Machete attacks in Masaka, Ssegirinya spent 15 months behind bars before his release.

Ill Muhammad Ssegirinya
Ill Muhammad Ssegirinya

Since his liberation, Ssegirinya’s health has been a matter of concern. His repeated trips abroad for medical treatment raised questions about his well-being. However, MP Nsereko, in a recent interview, disclosed that he had persistently advocated for Ssegirinya to seek proper medical attention. This revelation highlights Nsereko’s proactive role in assisting his fellow legislator during times of adversity.

Nsereko’s advocacy for Ssegirinya’s health is not an isolated incident. Throughout his tenure as an MP, Nsereko has consistently championed the causes of those in pain and distress. His commitment to the well-being of his constituents and colleagues underscores his dedication to public service. This advocacy extends beyond party lines, as Nsereko’s independent status reflects his principled approach to politics.

Muhammad Nsereko’s support for Muhammad Ssegirinya transcends political differences. While belonging to different parties, their shared commitment to serving the people of Uganda unites them in times of crisis. The compassionate stance taken by Nsereko portrays a deeper understanding of the responsibilities that come with political leadership.

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