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Mudra D Viral’s Struggle With Less And Unpaid Songwriting For Karol Kasita


In the realm of the music industry, success stories are often built upon collaboration and teamwork. Songwriters, singers, and composers work together to create the captivating melodies that captivate audiences worldwide. However, behind the scenes, there are unsung heroes whose contributions are sometimes overlooked, and their struggles can go unnoticed.

Mudra D Viral, the gifted songwriter, singer, and composer, recently made a revealing confession about his experience working with dancehall sensation Karol Kasita. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Henrie, Mudra D Viral shared the untold story of his unpaid or underpaid efforts while crafting some of the biggest dancehall hits in the country.

Mudra D Viral, a prominent figure in the music industry, is known for his impeccable songwriting skills, creative compositions, and dynamic performances. His unique flair for crafting infectious melodies has left an indelible mark on the music landscape. His collaboration with Karol Kasita has resulted in numerous dancehall anthems that have resonated with music enthusiasts globally.

In a candid and eye-opening conversation with Mr. Henrie, Mudra D Viral shed light on a significant issue he faced during his collaboration with Karol Kasita. He revealed that while working with the dancehall star, he wrote several songs that formed the backbone of her most successful tracks. Unfortunately, despite his immense contribution, Mudra D Viral asserted that he did not receive any compensation for some of his work or was underpaid for his efforts on other occasions.

songster Karol Kasita
songster Karol Kasita

Mudra D Viral’s confession highlights the challenges faced by many behind-the-scenes artists in the music industry. Songwriters like him invest their time, energy, and creative genius to craft hits, yet they may not always receive the recognition or financial reward they deserve. Such a situation can be demoralizing for artists and hinder their creative spirit and willingness to collaborate.

The issue raised by Mudra D Viral brings to the forefront the significance of fair compensation and recognition for all contributors in the music industry. Songwriters, like other professionals, should receive appropriate remuneration for their hard work and creative contributions. Their recognition and financial well-being are essential for the sustainability of the music industry as a whole.

As music enthusiasts and consumers, we play a vital role in creating a supportive environment for artists like Mudra D Viral. By acknowledging the efforts of songwriters, composers, and all contributors behind the scenes, we can help foster a more equitable music industry where creativity flourishes, and artists are fairly compensated for their endeavors.

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