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Muthoni Hilarious Confession On House Chores And Laundry


Muthoni Mukiri, a renowned journalist and news anchor, made a shocking confession that she has never washed dishes or done laundry ever since she got married to her husband, Isaac Njoroge. The couple tied the knot in a lavish wedding in November 2021, and their marriage has been the talk of the town since then.

Many people have been left wondering whether this is the new “wifey goals” that women out there should look up to. While some have applauded Muthoni for her honesty and openness, others have criticized her for setting unrealistic standards for married women.

In her confession, Muthoni explained that she does not do any house chores, and he insists on hiring a maid to do all the work. She went on to say that this has given her more time to focus on her career and personal growth, which has contributed to her success in the industry.

“I don’t do house chores, I always get someone that comes everyday to help me with the house chores. I’d only do things like cooking but not the main duties,” Muthoni Mukiri affirmed.

Muthoni and Isaac wedding
Muthoni and Isaac wedding

Muthoni’s confession has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some people questioning the authenticity of her claims. Some have accused her of being dishonest and using her platform to create an illusion of a perfect marriage.

However, others have come to her defense, arguing that everyone has the right to define their own roles and responsibilities in a marriage. They argue that if Muthoni has agreed on a division of labor that works for her, then there is no reason to criticize her.

While Muthoni’s confession may be controversial, it has opened up a much-needed conversation about the expectations that society places on married women. Many women feel pressured to conform to traditional gender roles and do all the housework, even if they have demanding careers or other responsibilities.

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