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My Husband Is A True Friend Of Mine; Irene Namatovu Opened Up About Her Marriage

Irene Namatovu

Irene Namatovu, renowned Ugandan songstress, song writer and a true promoter of African culture publicly spoke out about the existing relationship between her and her husband well-known as Geoffrey Lutaaya.

Irene Namatovu introduced Lutaya as her husband in 2011 to her parents and the ceremony was held at her ancestral home in Masaka, Uganda. In 2014, the celebrity couple exchanged their marriage vows at St. John’s Church Kijabweni, Masaka and the whole ceremony was expensively organized.

The two share children together. Despite being a singer and a businessman, Geoffrey Lutaaya is the current Kakuuto Member of Parliament. While speaking to the press, Irene Namatovu the wife to Lutaaya, affirmed that their relationship began at a friendly love and cautioned people to always start as friends before entering into marriage.

Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene
Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene

The songstress further clarified to have shaded a lot of tears whenever she was angered or mistreated by Lutaaya, and her husband would try all his level best to get her back to the smiling mode.

“Besides being husband and wife, we are true friends. I cried a lot then whenever Lutaaya angered me and he continued doing things that never made me cry. So, I don’t even waste my time checking his inbox because of the trust we built.” Irene Namatovu clarified.

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