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My Man Can Be Taken If His Heart Is Available; Anne Kansiime Affirmed


Ugandan entertainer, comedian and actress Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne popularly known as Anne Kansiime confirmed not having any reason to hide her husband. She says her man has the right to appear in public.

While speaking in an interview, Anne Kansiime said no man can be hidden because it is up to a man to either keep his heart available or not. So, it is important for the man to understand what your desires are.

“If my husband’s heart is available, let him be taken. Even though you keep hiding your man for yourself, he will be taken as long as his heart is available. So, it is important for your man to know what your heart desire than hiding him.” Anne Kansiime affirmed.


Anne Kansiime is currently married to Abraham Tukahiirwa well-known as Skylanta with whom she has got a son. According to online reports, Anne Kansiime first got married to Ojok Gerald, an Acholi by ethnicity in 2013 in a lovely traditional marriage.

Little is known about Ojok Gerald except being a man from the Acholi tribe. Anne Kansiime dumped Gerald Ojok for Skylanta with whom she is happy to live with. However, she affirmed not having any authority to keep him as long as his heart is open and available, he can be taken.

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