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My Music Was Boring; Bad Black Finally Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Music Career Exit


Shanitah Namuyimbwa, popularly known as Bad Black, has been a familiar name in the Ugandan music industry, known for her tracks “Mud Guard” and “Omwoyo.” However, in a recent candid interview, Bad Black opened up about the reasons that led to her decision to step away from her music career.

Contrary to what some might believe, it wasn’t just about the glamour and fame, but rather a heartfelt realization that prompted her to hang up her mic. One of the primary factors that led to Bad Black’s decision to leave her music career was her vocal limitations. She admitted that her voice was not up to par with her ambitions and the expectations of her audience.

Bad Black Uganda
Bad Black Uganda

Another crucial aspect that contributed to Bad Black’s exit from the music scene was her perception that her songs had become mundane and unexciting. “I wanted my music to stand out and make an impact,” she explained. “But after some time, I felt that my songs were becoming repetitive, and I wasn’t able to produce the quality and innovation I aspired to.”

The financial aspect of her music career was also a significant concern for Bad Black. She revealed that despite the investments she made in her music, she saw limited financial returns. “Making music is not just about the passion; it’s also a business,” Bad Black stated. “I put a lot of money into producing and promoting my songs, but the returns were far from what I expected. It reached a point where I realized it was not a sustainable path for me.”

Bad Black’s decision to step away from her music career was not an easy one, but she now sees it as an opportunity to explore new paths. She is determined to use her experiences and fame to embark on other ventures, where she believes she can make a more significant impact and find financial stability.

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