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My Wife Has The Right To Bewitch Me; Alimpa Clarifies


Singer, song writer and folk recording artiste Ronald Alimpa popularly known for his hit song Lusuku Lwa Cement also known as Seen Don has clarified that her wife has the right to bewitch him and nobody can stop her.

The press wanted to find out if truly Alimpa’s wife bewitched him as affirmed by his close friends and relatives. The Lusuku Lwa Cement hit maker with no doubt assured the press that his wife has all the rights to bewitch him and nobody can stop her.

“My wife has the all the rights to bewitch me and nobody can stop her from doing so,” Ronald Alimpa clarified.

The singer also poured out his affection and feelings towards his wife. Alimpa says he can’t let his wife be far away for 15 minutes because he needs his baby mama to be close to him, and he usually asks her where about if she spends 15 minutes away.

“My heart usually pumps If my wife goes missing for 15 minutes, and my heart questions her where about. So, I can’t accept her to leave me,” Alimpa clarified.


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