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Navigating Parenthood; Canary Mugume’s Stance On Social Media And Child Privacy


In the realm of media and celebrity, the public often expects a glimpse into the personal lives of their favorite personalities. Yet, for Canary Mugume, a prominent media figure in Uganda, the decision to keep his family life private stands as a deliberate choice rather than an oversight.

Recently, Mugume shed light on his reluctance to share images of his son, whom he shares with his wife, Sasha Ferguson, a well-known Ugandan businesswoman and former TV show host. Despite the allure of social media, Mugume’s perspective underscores a deeper contemplation on the impact of digital exposure on his child’s privacy and autonomy.

The union of Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson garnered significant attention, marked by their wedding at the Miracle Center Cathedral on 18th September, 2021. Subsequently, in February 2023, the couple welcomed their first child, a son, into the world. While the public might anticipate glimpses of their joyous moments plastered across social media platforms, Mugume’s deliberate choice to maintain a veil of privacy around his son reflects a conscientious consideration of the implications of digital presence.

In a recent interview, Mugume candidly addressed his rationale, citing the unforgiving nature of social media as a primary concern. “Social media is harsh,” he stated, succinctly capturing the essence of his apprehension. Mugume’s acknowledgment of the online landscape underscores the pervasive culture of scrutiny and judgment that often permeates digital platforms. By refraining from sharing images of his son, Mugume seeks to shield him from the potential ramifications of unwarranted attention and critique.

Canary Mugume, his wife and son
Canary Mugume, his wife and son

Furthermore, Mugume articulated a profound respect for his son’s autonomy and right to privacy. At the tender age of infancy, Mugume believes that his son lacks the agency to consent to his images being circulated online. Thus, the decision to withhold his son’s digital footprint serves as an act of paternal guardianship, preserving his son’s innocence and safeguarding his personal boundaries.

Looking ahead, Mugume offered a glimpse into his long-term perspective on the matter. He emphasized that once his son reaches the age of maturity, the decision to share his images will rest solely in his hands. “I don’t want my son to grow and find his photos everywhere,” Mugume articulated, underscoring his commitment to respecting his son’s autonomy. By deferring the decision to his son, Mugume underscores the importance of empowering children to assert control over their digital presence and personal narrative.

In essence, Canary Mugume’s stance on social media and child privacy transcends the superficial allure of public visibility. It reflects a profound commitment to safeguarding his son’s innocence and autonomy in an era defined by digital ubiquity. As Mugume navigates the complexities of parenthood in the digital age, his unwavering dedication to his son’s well-being serves as a testament to the enduring values of privacy, autonomy, and familial love in an ever-evolving media landscape.

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