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Netizens Advise MC Kats Not To Be Afraid Of His Age


Social media users, fans and followers of the legendary media personality and event host Edwin Katamba better known as Mc Kats have advised him to feel free and never to be afraid of disclosing his real age.

This was after the media personality had shared a photo of himself and former WBS TV presenter Straka Mwezi well-known as Straka Beibe, then he captioned; “You ask about my age I block you blood.”


Straka Beibe is a songster known for songs like Mukikwate, and Money featuring Big Tril. The songster was one of the household names in the Television industry. She worked on The Late Show a program that aired on WBS TV, and broadcasted celebrity gossip and news.

The photo shared by Mc Kats standing next to Straka Beibe is believed to have been captured back-in-time while the two were hosting an event. Netizens were left questioning themselves how old Mc Kats would be, with conclusions requesting for the government to offer space at the Uganda Museum for such historical photos.

“Someone give us a corner in the Uganda Museum, we have finally started receiving historical photos,” Kasule Douglas Benda wrote.

Other social media users concluded by advising the prominent television personality not to worry and never to shy away telling out his real age because he isn’t alone.

“Don’t get scared moving outside, you ain’t alone on the fourth floor, you’ve got neighbors. We here to make you feel good,” Kizito Alikiba wrote.

“Still you will have to get old be proud with your age if you managed to accept your status,” Charlix Junior wrote.


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