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Netizens Applaud Prynce Joel For His Gesture Of Offering Support To Pregnant Cindy

prynce_joel_aka_joel_atiku_with_cindy_sanyu (1)

Love is in the air, a video of actor, model and photographer Prynce Okuyo Joel Atiku giving support to heavily expectant Cindy Sanyu has been shared online and several people are having a glimpse of it.

In the video, Prynce Joel who is the husband to songstress and song writer Cindy Sanyu, can be witnessed holding Cindy’s waist in what seemed as they had gone for antenatal.

Cindy is expecting her third child and second with the renowned Ugandan actor, Prynce Joel. The two officially got married at St. Stephen’s Church, Kisugu on 11th December, 2021.

prynce_joel_aka_joel_atiku_with_cindy_sanyu (2)

The lovely celebrity couple share a daughter together and now expecting another child, either a boy or a girl. The video that paved its way online has caught the eyes of several online users who have chosen to applaud Prynce Joel Atiku for his generosity because not all men can be buy time for their wives especially during antenatal visits.

Husband material, may Allah bless such men – Nabayunga Shamim wrote

Love is a beautiful thing – Kushaba Natasha wrote.

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