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Nince Henry Revealed About His Relationship With Singer A Pass; “He Is Playful”


In the ever-evolving landscape of the Ugandan music industry, relationships between artists can sometimes become strained, leading to rumors of animosity and disagreements. Such was the case a few months ago when Nince Henry and A Pass, two prominent figures in the industry, found themselves at the center of public speculation. However, in a surprising turn of events, Nince Henry recently revealed during a live television interview that all is well between him and A Pass, putting to rest any doubts and misconceptions.

The rift between Nince Henry and A Pass became a hot topic in the music community when Nince Henry openly expressed his desire for A Pass to return to his musical roots and consistently produce songs that make people dance, as he did when he first entered the limelight. These comments, made in a candid moment, did not sit well with A Pass, leading to some tension and disagreements between the two artists.

However, during a recent live television interview, Nince Henry addressed the ongoing speculation and revealed that there is no animosity between him and A Pass. He was quoted as saying, “There is no problem between me and A Pass.” This statement took many by surprise, as it seemed to be a complete reversal of his previous comments.

Ugandan singer, A Pass
Ugandan singer, A Pass

Nince Henry, a talented songwriter and singer, further explained that the public’s perception of A Pass as someone who often engages in playful banter and discussions should not be taken too seriously. He emphasized that behind the scenes, both artists have no unresolved issues and that the reports of discord were blown out of proportion.

This public reconciliation between Nince Henry and A Pass is not only a relief to their fans but also a testament to the maturity and professionalism of both artists. In an industry where competition can be fierce and emotions run high, it’s refreshing to see artists put aside their differences and come together for the greater good of Ugandan music.

Nince Henry’s encouragement for A Pass to produce danceable music consistently may have been seen as critical, but it can also be interpreted as a gesture of support and constructive feedback from one artist to another. It’s a sign of a healthy music community where artists can help each other grow and thrive.

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