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Omutume Planet Glad Of His Journey Of Success

Omutume Planet

Iparokiti Muzafaru, Ugandan promising multi-talented singer well-known as Omutume Planet is over the moon as one of his latest release dubbed Chai We Njaye is paving way to his success.

Omutume Planet affirmed that he has always dreamt being on charts but I think God is answering his prayers. The singer disclosed that most of his friends have been telling him that his song is one of the most listened to but he never agreed.

However, he chose to make his own individual research regarding the trend of his latest single and he found out the truth. Indeed, the singer affirmed that he has started achieving what he thought of when he had started his music journey.

Omutume Planet photo
Omutume Planet photo

“My friends could tell me that the song is on trend and I decided to make my research and I proved them right through social media and online. So, I am almost achieving what I have been dreaming of in life.” Omutume Planet affirmed.

According to Omutume, the song was written by him following comments from a few people that have always attended burial ceremony, and his aim was to promote negative effects of Marijuana that he referred to as Enjaga.

Omutume further promised to create and release more songs because he wants to keep music lovers and his fans dancing to his tunes.

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