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Online Users Roast Eddy Kenzo After Comparing Himself To The Late Philly Bogole Lutaaya

Eddy Kenzo

After making his return from the Grammy ceremony that was held at Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, singer and song writer Eddy Kenzo has continued to receive online criticism following his comment that involved the late singer and song writer Philly Bogole Lutaaya.

In his comment, Eddy Kenzo affirmed that most of his songs have got more views than those that were composed and sung by the late Philly. This statement has left most citizens and online users questioning themselves what he thought of before speaking out such words.

“Did Eddy Kenzo really compare himself to Philly Lutaaya? Wow this industry keeps getting more interesting. One Grammy nomination and the man said he’s bigger than Philly!! Man pride is such a bad thing,” Irene Ntale wrote.

Brief history about Philly Lutaaya and why he is still considered a legend; Lutaaya was a Ugandan singer and the first prominent Ugandan to give a human face to HIV/AIDs, was born on 19th October, 1951 and passed on 15th December, 1989.

Philly Lutaaya
Philly Lutaaya

Zukuka, Merry Christmas, Katujaguze, the Voices Cry out, Born in Africa, are all among the songs that were composed by the late Philly Bogole Lutaaya. Born In Africa is the song that has been remade by Eddy Kenzo.

According to Eddy Kenzo, the remake of Born In Africa was aimed at promoting it to greater places and stages because some people of this generation haven’t heard a chance to listen to Philly Lutaaya’s songs. So, he was the right person to remake a song by Philly.

To online users, Eddy Kenzo had no right to compare himself to the late Philly Bogole Lutaaya but instead give him all the respect that the late would receive if he was still breathing and living;

“The late Philly Bogole Lutaaya composed today is me and he was a Ugandan. First tell me I give my opinion as a citizen,” Badblack wrote.

“With all due respect, my big brother Eddy Kenzo, it’s not the views that show that a song is big. Despacito has more views than most of Michael Jackson’s songs but when it comes to greatness, it can’t match MJs songs,” Bruno K wrote.

“So why mime his songs? And how, unfair it is for one to stage a competition with the dead. So, how is Philly Lutaaya supposed to defend his title?” Betty Nambooze wrote.

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