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Online Users Warned Diana Marua Against Exposing Marital Issues On Social Media

Diana Marua

Diana Marua, Kenyan renowned socialite turned rapper also known as Diana Bahati, has been roasted by online users who have cautioned her to keep some of her marital issues to herself because some are not worth to be exposed.

Diana Bahati who is the wife to Kenyan singer and song writer famously known as Bahati, faced an online embarrassment following her previous post questioning her husband, Bahati to explain reasons as to why he never posted her during the International Women’s Day celebration.

Diana and Bahati
Diana and Bahati

“By the way Bahati Kenya, Why wasn’t I posted by you during the International Women’s Day?” Diana Bahati questioned her husband on her timeline.

The above statement left a number of social media users, fans and followers wondering how an elderly woman would turn up acting so childish to the extent of asking such a question online. Some commented by telling her to mature in mind and thinking.

“Solve this matter in your bedroom not social media,” Sammy Kamau

“I used to think the bigger the age the more mature one is, until I met this.” Kareji Zipporah wrote.

“This woman needs medical checkups,” Peterson Neigh added.

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