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Pastor Andrew Jjengo Takes A Different Path; A New Era For Revival Christian Church


In a recent interview, Pastor Andrew Jjengo, the current lead pastor of “Revival Christian Church” in Kawala, and son of the late Pastor Yiga Abizaayo, shared insights into his unique approach to ministry. Breaking away from the comedic legacy of his father, Jjengo revealed that he is charting a different course in his role as the head of the renowned church.

The late Pastor Yiga Abizaayo was widely known for his charismatic personality and unique style of delivering sermons that often incorporated humor. His comedic approach drew large crowds and made Revival Christian Church a distinct presence in the religious landscape. However, Pastor Andrew Jjengo, while acknowledging his father’s legacy, expressed that he is not inclined to follow the same comedic path.

During the interview, Jjengo openly discussed the differences in his personality compared to his father’s, stating, “My father was a comedian, and I respect the impact he had on people’s lives through his unique style. However, I am naturally more reserved and shy, and I can’t do comedy like he did. I believe in finding authenticity in my approach to ministry, and for me, that means embracing my own style.”

Pastor Jjengo x Late Yiga Abizaayo
Pastor Jjengo x Late Yiga Abizaayo

Acknowledging the challenges of stepping into the shoes of such a charismatic figure, Pastor Jjengo emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself. “I have a different approach on how to handle my tasks, and I might not exactly do what my late father did. It’s essential to be authentic in my expression of faith and in connecting with the congregation,” he stated.

Pastor Jjengo highlighted that while he respects his father’s legacy and the foundation laid by the late Pastor Yiga Abizaayo, he is committed to bringing his own perspective to the role of lead pastor. This includes a focus on deepening spiritual connections, fostering community engagement, and addressing the evolving needs of the congregation.

As Revival Christian Church enters a new era under Pastor Andrew Jjengo’s leadership, there is an anticipation of a shift in the dynamics of the ministry. Congregants and observers alike are eager to witness the unfolding of Pastor Jjengo’s unique vision and the impact it will have on the church community.

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