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Pastor Ezekiel Odero Applauded His Prayerful Wife During His First Sermon Upon Release


The life of a pastor is not an easy one. It requires dedication, sacrifice, and a deep faith in God. This was especially true for Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre and Church, who recently found himself, imprisoned over accusations of mass murder of his followers and closed his Church that lies south of the coastal town of Malindi, Kenya. However, amidst the turmoil, Pastor Odero found strength in the unwavering support of his wife, Sarah, who he lauds for her unwavering faith and prayerful demeanor.

Over 170 people have so far been confirmed dead in what has been dubbed as; the Shakahola Forest Massacre. The accusations leveled against Pastor Odero were serious, and his arrest left his congregation and family in a state of shock. But while he awaited trial, his wife, Sarah, stood by his side, spending countless nights at the church and praying fervently for his release.

Ezekiel and his wife
Ezekiel and his wife

According to Pastor Odero, his wife’s faith and dedication were unwavering, and she never once faltered in her belief that he would be acquitted. She spent long hours in prayer, seeking God’s intervention in the case and believing that justice would prevail. Her unwavering support and dedication to prayer undoubtedly played a crucial role in seeing her husband through this difficult time.

Finally, after weeks of uncertainty, Pastor Odero was released on cash bail of 1.5 million, thanks in no small part to his wife’s unrelenting prayers. Reflecting on his experience, Pastor Odero expressed his gratitude for his wife’s support, noting that he could not have made it through without her. He acknowledged her tireless devotion to prayer and her unwavering faith in God, which gave him the strength to endure the ordeal.

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