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Pastor Hellen Butayi Cautioned Husbands Not To Pay Their Women But Appreciate Them


Ugandan pastor and motivational speaker well-known as HellenButayi self-proclaimed Queen, has warned men against the acts of giving women money as a pay for their hard work. The pastor affirmed that these women need to be appreciated with the money given but not given as a reward or pay because money is never enough for a wife.

“There’s no amount of money that is enough for a wife who takes care of a home. Some husbands believe in paying their wives for the duties done at home but that payment should be considered as an appreciation,” Pastor Hellen Butayi affirmed.

Helen Butayi
Helen Butayi

She further revealed that all those engaged in marriage are on a journey of learning each other and that journey never ends, and those who are together have to learn that appreciating one another is essential.

“Married people need to learn that appreciating one another is essential. Women mostly tend to lose it when they are not given at a certain period of time but forget the many times they were given or gifted. Please, appreciate one another.” Hellen Butayi stated.

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