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Pastor Henry Kibirige Suggestion On Strong Marriage And Relationship


Motivational speaker and preacher Pastor Henry Kibirige hinted at the reason as to why some couples are never ending their relationship. According to Kibirige, friendship in marriage requires honesty, that is why most people admire couples who are close to each other.

“People admire couples who are very close friends but they need to know that friendship in marriage or relationship requires honesty. Some men fear to tell their spouses when they have no money,” Pastor Henry Kibirige said.


The motivational speaker assured Faridah Nakazibwe who is the host of Mwasuze Mutya a program on NTV Uganda that it is better for friends to become lovers because they know each other inside and out.

“If you are friends who become lovers then it is beautiful. The beautiful side is that you know this person inside and out, and there is nothing they can hide from each other,” Pastor Henry Kibirige affirmed.


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