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Pastor Jjengo Andrew Officially Introduces His Fiancée To The Christian Revival Centre Congregation


In a heartwarming Sunday service on 12th November 2023, the Christian Revival Centre, Kawaala witnessed a momentous occasion as Pastor Jjengo Andrew, the esteemed lead pastor, officially introduced his fiancée to the congregation. The service, which was not only spiritually enriching but also emotionally charged, marked a significant chapter in Pastor Jjengo Andrew’s life.

Pastor Jjengo Andrew, who assumed the role of lead pastor following the passing of his father, Pastor Yiga Abizaayo, took on the dual role of preacher and bearer of joyous news on that special Sunday. As he stood at the pulpit, he radiated a blend of confidence and happiness, eager to share the news that has undoubtedly been a source of joy for him and the entire Christian Revival Centre community.

Amidst the spiritual ambiance that enveloped the congregation, Pastor Jjengo Andrew spoke passionately about the importance of love, unity, and the divine bond that brings people together. He seamlessly wove these sentiments into the introduction of his fiancée, a moment that will be etched in the memories of those present.

With a beaming smile, Pastor Jjengo Andrew invited his fiancée to the stage, where she graciously greeted the congregation. The warm reception she received from the churchgoers mirrored the love and acceptance that is synonymous with the Christian Revival Centre. The applause, cheers, and heartfelt well-wishes resonated throughout the sanctuary, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Pastor Jjengo Andrew and his new girlfriend
Pastor Jjengo Andrew and his new girlfriend

The radiant lady, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, reciprocated the warm welcome with a few words of gratitude and expressed her excitement to be a part of the Christian Revival Centre family. Her genuine words and infectious enthusiasm endeared her to the congregation, making it clear that the church had gained not only a pastor’s wife but a cherished member of the community.

As the service unfolded, it was revealed that the upcoming chapter in this love story would involve a significant mileston, the official introduction of Pastor Jjengo Andrew to the fiancée’s parents. According to ongoing reports, this momentous event is scheduled to take place on November 24, 2024. The anticipation and excitement surrounding this future occasion add another layer of joy and expectation to the Christian Revival Centre community.

In a church where unity, love, and faith are the pillars that uphold the congregation, Pastor Jjengo Andrew’s announcement and the subsequent warm reception exemplify the strength of the Christian Revival Centre family. As the community eagerly awaits the next chapter in their pastor’s life, the love and support demonstrated on that Sunday serve as a testament to the unwavering bond that unites this church under the guidance of Pastor Jjengo Andrew.

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