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People Told My Husband That I Am Not His Type, Momo 19 Affirms


Media personality Maureen Naluwooza better known as Momo 19 has finally spoken out the reason as to why she broke up with her husband singer Sebunya Sebyaala Suleiman also known as Daxx Kartel then later reconciled.

She shared her experience of the break up and misunderstandings that occurred when she couldn’t hear from Daxx Kartel in an interview on Bigenda Bitya program hosted by Annatalia Oze. Momo 19 said she cried a lot yet someone they both knew was fueling the misunderstanding.


“I won’t lie to you, I cried a lot and those who were next to me tried comforting me yet the person who fueled the misunderstanding and tried fighting me was someone that we both knew,” Momo 19 said.

Momo 19 also affirmed that there were people who also informed Daxx Kartel that she is not of his class, insisting that Daxx Kartel is a star and a celebrity who deserves someone better than the media personality.

“People could tell my husband that I am not of his type and class because I was not rich. I worked hard, made money, and bought myself a car then they opened another chapter about me saying that I am dating other me,” Momo 19 said.  


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