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People Want To See Me Losing, Eddy Kenzo Affirmed

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Singer and music executive Eddy Kenzo affirmed that they are people who don’t want to see him winning. They tried out all possible ways of seeing that his just concluded concert couldn’t be a success.

While addressing the press, Eddy Kenzo assure that some people that he couldn’t disclose tried out all their best to see that his concert couldn’t be a success to the extent of calling Harmonize, the Tanzanian bongo superstar telling him not to turn up for the festival because of Uganda isn’t Ebola free.

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Eddy Kenzo said that Harmonize was even informed that if he takes a flight to Uganda, he would be arrested before he could make it to the festival. The court as well issued a statement informing us not to hold his festival at Kololo.

Eddy Kenzo full of anger and sorrow assured the press that there are people on social media or internet who are only there to satisfy their interests and seeing others losing. No one can involve him or herself in anything without an interest.

“You are all aware of social media haters, no one can involve him or herself in anything without an interest. The same people warned my fellow international artistes that they will be killed if they travel to Uganda, and that Uganda isn’t Ebola free. We even got a court order canceling the festival but we didn’t involve the media,” Eddy Kenzo said.


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