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Perspectives From Isaac Ruci Explains The Ongoing Battle Between UMA And UNMF


The Ugandan music industry has recently witnessed a rift between two prominent musician associations, the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) and the newly formed Uganda National Musician Federation (UNMF). This divide has sparked a heated debate about leadership and the future direction of the music community.

In this article, we delve into the viewpoints expressed by Isaac Ruci, a gospel singer and leader within UMA, regarding the suitability of Eddy Kenzo, the lead president of UNMF, as a leader. Ruci asserts that Kenzo’s international success does not necessarily qualify him for effective leadership and emphasizes the importance of involving experienced elders to ensure the success of the newly formed federation.

Eddy Kenzo, undoubtedly a talented artist, has achieved remarkable success on the international stage and garnered numerous awards. His triumphs have brought Ugandan music to the global forefront, earning him recognition and acclaim. However, Isaac Ruci challenges the assumption that Kenzo’s international achievements inherently make him a capable leader within the music industry. Ruci believes that effective leadership requires more than just personal accomplishments and fame.

Some of the elected leaders of UNMF
Some of the elected leaders of UNMF

According to Ruci, the ability to lead effectively in the music industry demands a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by musicians, as well as the experience and wisdom to navigate them successfully. While Kenzo’s international recognition showcases his musical talent, Ruci suggests that it does not necessarily translate to the necessary leadership qualities required to address the diverse issues faced by musicians in Uganda.

One significant concern raised by Isaac Ruci is the absence of experienced elders within the leadership of the newly formed UNMF. Ruci believes that the involvement of seasoned individuals who have weathered the storms of the industry is crucial for the success of any musician federation. Their guidance and expertise can provide a balanced perspective, ensuring that the federation’s decisions align with the long-term interests of the music community as a whole.

UMA, an established musician association in Uganda, has long been instrumental in promoting the rights and welfare of musicians. Isaac Ruci, as a leader within UMA, advocates for the continued relevance and importance of the association. Ruci argues that UMA, with its history and established structure, offers stability and a proven track record of supporting musicians’ interests. He suggests that instead of forming a new federation, efforts should be made to strengthen and enhance UMA’s existing framework to better serve the industry.

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