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Police Has Finally Arrested Kaftah Queen; Beaten Nichole Receives Justice


Pretty Nichole who received beatings in-depth from her close friends on accusations of having a night with her friend’s boyfriend has finally received justice following continuous demand for her justice from online users.

Pretty Nichole, who is the victim of the beatings, was caught red handed in the house of a boy who Kaftah Queen claimed to be her boyfriend in the viral video. Nichole was questioned of her act but she stayed silent, and they started beating her up.

This act was not welcomed by most online users hence they used different social media platforms to portray their anger and call out for the immediate arrest of those who beat-up Pretty Nichole.


The Uganda Police is carrying out its duty and it has arrested one of the prime suspects identified as Kaftah Queen. Kaftah affirmed that the house in which Nichole was found in belonged to her boyfriend and she regrets beating up one of her friends.


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