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Precious Remmie Brands Her Husband A King And Advocates For Family Respect

Ray P

Ugandan media personality and actress, Precious Remmie, also known as Ray P, took center stage during Vivian Tendo’s introduction ceremony, or “kwanjula,” to address the attendees and convey a powerful message about her family. In her speech, she declared her husband’s regal status, while cautioning individuals against launching unwarranted attacks on her loved ones.

During her address, Precious Remmie highlighted the prevalent misconceptions that have surrounded her family. With a clear sense of purpose, she expressed her decision to become the voice for her husband and family, aiming to rectify the conclusions that others had formed without sufficient knowledge or understanding.

Asserting her role as a spokesperson for her household, Precious Remmie defended her loved ones against any malicious intent. She sternly warned those who seek trouble to direct their attention towards her mother, husband, or son, emphasizing that any attempts to bring harm upon them would inevitably lead to their own demise.

Precious remmie and husband
Precious remmie and husband

In a moment of pride and adoration, Precious Remmie publicly branded her husband as a king. By doing so, she not only elevated his stature but also affirmed the respect and admiration she holds for him. This declaration of royalty served as a testament to the strength and unity within their family.

By seizing the opportunity to address the attendees at Vivian Tendo’s introduction ceremony, Precious Remmie aimed to put to rest any doubts or criticisms that may have arisen about her family. By speaking up, she aimed to dispel rumors and misconceptions, ensuring that her loved ones’ honor remained intact.

In her closing remarks, Precious Remmie took a moment to commend Vivian Tendo on selecting a worthy partner for herself, Moses. Offering her heartfelt wishes for a joyous and prosperous future, she expressed her belief that Vivian had made an excellent choice in a life partner.

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