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Precious Remmie Opens Up About Quitting Marriage And Ongoing Public Criticism


In a surprising revelation during a recent live television program, renowned media personality and actress, Precious Remmie, popularly known as Ray P, opened up about her views on marriage and her unapologetic stance on independence. The actress, who has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, candidly shared her perspective on the institution of marriage, making it clear that she values her autonomy above all.

During the live broadcast, Ray P disclosed that she had a straightforward conversation with her husband, Mr. Bindeeba, right from the beginning of their relationship. She boldly asserted that she had informed him that if the marriage were to fail, she would not hesitate to walk away and start anew. This revelation sheds light on Ray P’s commitment to personal happiness and growth, emphasizing her unwillingness to compromise on her principles.

“I told my husband from the start that I will quit if the marriage fails and get married again,” Ray P stated matter-of-factly, highlighting her clear communication and commitment to her own well-being.

Precious Remmie hugging her lover, Bindeeba
Precious Remmie hugging her lover, Bindeeba

Ray P, who has been no stranger to public scrutiny throughout her career, acknowledged the judgments and opinions that have been directed her way. Unfazed by the public eye, she expressed that she is fully aware of the criticism but remains steadfast in her convictions. The actress understands that her outspoken nature has played a significant role in shaping public perception, and she seems unbothered by the criticisms that have come her way.

“I don’t care about the public. I have seen them judge me from nothing to where I am today, and they admire who I am because I am outspoken,” Ray P declared, demonstrating a resilience that has become synonymous with her public persona.

Ray P’s revelation not only sheds light on her perspective on marriage but also underscores her commitment to personal independence. The actress has consistently championed individuality and self-expression, refusing to conform to societal expectations. Her willingness to openly discuss her approach to marriage reflects a larger theme of embracing autonomy and making choices that align with personal happiness.

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