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President Museveni Condoles Isma’s Family And Assures The Punishment Of The “Pigs” Involved


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has assured Ugandans that the killers or killer who was involved in the killing of once-renowned blogger Isma Olaxess, also known as Jajja Iculi, will be brought to justice. In a statement posted on his social media pages, President Museveni condemned the attack on unarmed civilians and branded the killers as “pigs” who only believe in using guns against unarmed opponents.

The murder of Isma Olaxess sent shockwaves across Uganda and the rest of the world. Isma was a prominent blogger who had a huge following on social media, and his death has been mourned by many. President Museveni expressed his condolences to Isma’s family and assured them that justice would be served.

“Ugandans especially the Bazzukulu, condolences on the death of the blogger Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Ichuli. I condemn and treat with contempt the killing of this Ugandan by some pigs. It is pigs that believe in using guns against unarmed opponents.”

The late isma and museveni
The late isma and museveni

President Museveni also revealed that he has sent his condolences to Isma’s family and that they would be delivered by the State House Comptroller. He reiterated his commitment to ensuring that those responsible for Isma’s death are held accountable. “I have sent mataaba to the family. The State House Comptroller will deliver it. Sympathy to the family of Isma. We stand with you and we shall punish the killer,” he wrote

The President’s statement has been widely welcomed by Ugandans who have expressed their outrage at the killing of Isma Olaxess. Many have called for swift action to be taken against the perpetrators of the crime.

Museveni post
Museveni post

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