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Pritty Vishy Expresses Disappointment In Stivo’s Failure To Seek Help From Fans And Well-Wishers


Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy has once again found herself in the spotlight as she closely follows the latest developments in the life of her ex-boyfriend, Stivo Simple Boy. This time, it was Stivo’s wife who publicly discussed their financial struggles, prompting Pritty to share her thoughts on the matter. Expressing her disappointment, Pritty questioned why Stivo, whom she believes to be a capable individual, did not seek help from his loyal fans and well-wishers during his time of financial hardship.

Pritty Vishy, known for her candid remarks and outspoken nature, did not hesitate to offer her commentary on the recent revelations surrounding Stivo Simple Boy’s financial woes. Having previously been romantically involved with Stivo, Pritty has maintained a keen interest in his life and career, often voicing her opinions on various aspects of his personal and professional journey.

Broke Stivo Simple Boy
Broke Stivo Simple Boy

According to Pritty, Stivo Simple Boy is undoubtedly a capable and resilient individual. Over the years, he has overcome numerous obstacles, capturing the hearts of Kenyans with his unique talent and charismatic personality. Pritty acknowledges that Stivo’s rise to fame was not without challenges, but she firmly believes that his success has demonstrated his ability to overcome adversity.

It is against this backdrop that Pritty finds it surprising that Stivo’s wife felt compelled to publicly plead for financial assistance on his behalf when he faced bankruptcy. Pritty questions why Stivo did not turn to his loyal fanbase and well-wishers, who have supported him throughout his career. She believes that given the immense popularity and goodwill Stivo has garnered, reaching out to his fans would have been a viable solution to his financial predicament.

Stivo's ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy
Stivo’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy

Pritty acknowledges that everyone faces difficult times and financial struggles are a reality that many individuals encounter. However, she contends that when one possesses a significant following and a loyal fanbase, seeking help from those who admire and support you can be a reasonable option. Pritty suggests that by engaging with his fans and sharing his difficulties, Stivo could have potentially received the support needed to overcome his financial challenges.

While Pritty acknowledges that pride and self-reliance might have played a role in Stivo’s decision to refrain from seeking assistance, she believes that there is strength in vulnerability. By opening up about his struggles, Stivo could have fostered a deeper connection with his fans, demonstrating that even public figures face hardships and rely on the support of others.

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