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Pritty Vishy Tired Of Being Single; She Is Searching For A Rich Boyfriend


Multi-talented and hardworking Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy is preparing for Valentine’s Day and looking out for a rich boyfriend who can definitely win her heart. She confessed to be tired of her single life.

Apparently, the multi-talented socialite is looking for any potential man who can remove her from the list of the singles. She affirmed to have opened up interviews in her inbox but money is key, and can make one emerge as the favorite.


“The Question is, no potential man out here eyeing at this beautiful soul? Valentine is coming please get me out of this side. You guys should start dming me, interview is on going in my dm and make sure you have got money, because it is the first qualification.” Pritty Vishy wrote.


Pritty Vishy eyeing at Valentine’s Day maybe an advantage and with no doubt, no woman would love a broke guy. So, that was expected of her. If you have been eyeing Pritty Vishy and willing to get into her, she is now available for grabs.

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