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Promoter Abtex Accuses Serena Bata Of Theft And Alleged Conspiracy With Sipapa To Seize His Wealth

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In a surprising turn of events, the Ugandan music industry has been rocked by allegations made by Promoter Abtex, whose real name is Abbey Musinguzi, against singer-songwriter Serena Bata. Abtex claims that Serena Bata, with the alleged involvement of the notorious Ugandan promoter Sipapa, attempted to unlawfully acquire his wealth.

Furthermore, Abtex asserts that his instrumental role in Serena Bata’s rise to musical success, including composing several of her songs, gives him the authority to make such claims. This article delves into the allegations and provides insight into the motivations behind Abtex’s actions.

Promoter Abtex has publicly labeled Serena Bata as a thief and accused her of colluding with Sipapa, a well-known figure in the Ugandan music scene, in an attempt to strip him of his wealth. According to Abtex, he played a crucial part in Serena Bata’s music career, having composed several of her songs. He specifically cites his involvement in the creation of the popular track “Single and It’s Okay” as evidence of his indispensable contribution to her success.

Serena Bata
Serena Bata

The situation becomes more complex when considering the background of Serena Bata’s relationship with Sipapa. Serena Bata was previously romantically involved with Sipapa, who is currently incarcerated on charges of theft and robbery. It is speculated that Serena Bata’s association with Sipapa may have influenced her actions, as she allegedly sought ways to extract financial gain from Abtex. These claims by Abtex promotions raise questions about the true intentions behind Serena Bata’s recent behavior.

One incident that has garnered attention is Abtex’s decision to reclaim a car he had provided for Serena Bata. Abtex clarifies that the car was exclusively meant for transporting musicians under his management, and as Serena Bata was no longer part of his team, he believed it was within his rights to retrieve it. Additionally, Abtex disclosed that he had asked Serena to vacate an apartment she was residing in, further hinting at a strained relationship between the two parties.

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