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Promoter Abtex Vows To Organize Champion Gudo’s Concert Amidst Controversy

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Renowned event promoter and artist manager, Abtex Musinguzi, has found himself at the center of controversy once again. This time, it involves his decision to organize another concert on the same date that Eddy Kenzo may be planning his annual festival.

Abtex, known for his successful promotion of Alien Skin’s concert, titled “Sitya Danger”, is determined to prove his capabilities and has challenged Kenzo to substantiate his claims. In response, Abtex has pledged to organize Champion Gudo’s concert, coinciding with Kenzo’s festival, unless evidence is presented to validate the allegations.

Abtex Musinguzi, also known as Abtex, has made significant contributions to the Ugandan entertainment industry. As the president of the Federation of Uganda Promoters Association, he has played a vital role in organizing successful events.

Eddy kenzo
Eddy kenzo

Abtex’s previous collaboration with Alien Skin resulted in an unforgettable concert experience, despite being scheduled alongside Pallaso’s Love Fest, orchestrated by promoter Balaam. This overlapping date sparked controversy and raised suspicions about the intentions of those involved.

Eddy Kenzo, a popular Ugandan musician, recently accused Abtex and promoter Balaam of deliberately scheduling their events on the same date to maximize profits. However, Abtex has strongly refuted these allegations and has challenged Kenzo to provide evidence to support his claims.

Alien Skin's successful concert, Freedom city
Alien Skin’s successful concert, Freedom city

Confident in his innocence, Abtex has even gone so far as to offer a reward of UGX 5 million to Kenzo if he can substantiate his accusations. Abtex maintains that without any proof, Kenzo’s statements amount to baseless propaganda.

Undeterred by the controversy surrounding him, Abtex has announced his intention to organize another remarkable concert, this time featuring Champion Gudo. Abtex’s determination to hold the event on the same date as Kenzo’s festival seems to be a response to what he perceives as an attack on his reputation. By staging Champion Gudo’s concert concurrently, Abtex aims to demonstrate his professionalism, organizational prowess, and dedication to the Ugandan music industry.

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