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Promoter Bajjo Urges Responsible Parenthood Amid Child Neglect Allegations


In a live television program that aired recently, the renowned Ugandan event promoter, Bajjo, addressed ongoing child neglect allegations made by a lady identified as Nash Glow. In a candid and unreserved statement, Bajjo called upon all women who have children with him to engage in open and responsible communication, rather than resorting to social media to air grievances. This move demonstrates his commitment to addressing these issues directly and responsibly.

Bajjo’s message emphasizes the importance of open and responsible communication when dealing with sensitive matters such as child-rearing and parental responsibilities. By urging the mothers of his children to reach out to him directly, he seeks to resolve any issues amicably and privately, without causing unnecessary public spectacle.

In his televised statement, Bajjo firmly declared, “Every woman who has got my child, look out for me, don’t run to social media to tarnish my name because I’m never ashamed of words.” This statement underscores his willingness to take responsibility for his actions and fulfill his obligations as a parent.

Nash Glow in a viral video
Nash Glow in a viral video

Bajjo’s assertion also serves as a reminder to both parents involved in the upbringing of their children. Child-rearing is a shared responsibility that requires cooperation and open dialogue between parents. By making this public declaration, Bajjo is not only addressing the current allegations but also advocating for responsible parenting in general.

In today’s age of social media, airing personal grievances in a public forum can often lead to unnecessary sensationalism and public scrutiny. Bajjo’s call for discretion and responsible communication demonstrates his desire to protect the privacy of all parties involved, especially the children, who should not be subjected to public discussions of their parents’ disputes.

By urging the mothers of his children to come forward and communicate with him directly, Bajjo is offering a clear path toward resolution. This approach allows both parties to discuss their concerns, find common ground, and work towards a solution that is in the best interest of the children involved.

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