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Radio’s Mother Is Opting To Run DNA Tests For Each Child Claimed To Be For The Late Prominent Singer

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Kasuubo Jane, who is the biological mother to the late Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo who was popularly known as Mowzey Radio is unhappy at women who have continued introducing children who are a bit old and some who look really young as her grand-children.

According to Kassubo Jane, some of these children are not worthy to be Radio’s children because they are young. Despite the fact that she loves grand children but she is apparently thinking of running a DNA Test to affirm whether some of these children are indeed Mowzey Radio’s biological children.

Mowzey Radio was a prominent Ugandan singer and song writer born on 25th January 1985 but he suddenly passed on at Case Medical Centre, Kampala after failing to respond to medication. His death was attributed to severe internal bleeding after he was hit hard on the head in one of the happening places in Kampala.


During his final send-off, some of his biological children were introduced to the public while a few that were not around were never shown. Since then, several women have continued to claim that they shared a child or children with the late prominent singer and song writer.

According to Radio’s mother known as Kasuubo Jane, there isn’t any possibility that the late would own a 28-year-old at this moment. She further explained that there is a woman who claims that her two-year-old child is Radio’s child. “How is that possible?” She questioned.

“I love grand children but some of them are not my son’s children. If you were in my position, would you believe that Moses would now have a 28-year-old or a child of two years? I am now opting to run DNA Tests for whosoever claims that her child is for the late,” Kasuubo Jane affirmed.

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