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Reactions Make A Better You; Gravity Omutujju Revealed

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Ugandan rapper and song writer Gravity Omutujju popularly known for his controversial interviews cautioned musicians to always listen to what people share with or against them because reactions make perfection.

This follows continued online comments and conclusions regarding Spice Diana’s concert. Besides the stage, some of the online users believe that Spice Diana’s concert was boring because she never performed as expected especially on live band.

In response, Spice Diana affirmed to online users and all who have continued criticizing her performance that she will never perform as Celine Dion because she is Diana. She further affirmed that people enjoyed her performance especially her fans.

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According to Gravity Omutujju, people have the right to comment on anything, and people’s comments should be taken in seriously because they make you stronger and perfect you. So, he has no right to feel sad on any comment given to him.

“It is of no use to get angry when people comment on any of your things especially performance in case of a concert. Some comments make you a better person if given much attention. Me, I will always ensure rearranging myself for the next move when I receive a negative comment.” Gravity Omutujju revealed.

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