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Record Elah Explained Why He Focused On Circular Music


Makumbi Ashraf, Ugandan promising talent well-known as Record Elah Butida, explained the reason as to why he chose to concentrate on composing and releasing circular music rather than inspiration or gospel music during a one to one interview with Anna Talia Oze.

Record Elah’s confession follows his mother’s comment towards his behaviors and songs. Few weeks back, his mother questioned the singer [her son why he doesn’t release gospel music yet people have given attention to the songs composed by Wilson Bugembe, a renowned Ugandan pastor and gospel singer.

The singer’s mother continued to affirm that her son’s music is the reason as to why his behaviors have totally changed and she chose never to forgive him if he doesn’t change his ways.

In an interview, Record Elah responded affirming that he has got various inspiration songs such as Ssuubi, but they fail to receive airplays. People decided to focus on his other songs that are not of inspirational genre.

“I tried to compose and release inspirational songs but they received less or no airplay. For example, I released Ssuubi, an inspirational or motivational song but it isn’t played anywhere. While, my other songs, are played frequently.” Record Elah responded.

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