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Rema Namakula Releases More Stunning Family Photos

rema_namakula_with_husband_hamza_sebunya (1)

Songster Rema Namkula releases stunning photos of herself and family that were taken during the celebrations of her daughter Aaliyah’s birthday. Rema and the children looked awesome in pink while Rema’s husband Hamza looked good in all white.

The photos released by the songster were a true definition of a happy marriage. Rema and the entire family were all happy, smiling at the photography moment.

The latest photos portray too much beauty in one picture as Rema and Hamza Ssebunya also showcased the existing relationship amidst their marriage. This left a one Kampala Express commenting;

“My fellow men I encourage you to impregnant beautiful women to have cute kids. Not just fwaa because you want too,” Kampala Express commented.

“My heart Ya Allah I’m forever grateful. Aaliyah Sebunya at one,” the songster captioned as they happily celebrated Aaliyah’s birthday. Social media users are already feeding on and enjoying the photos shared by Rema on her timeline.

“Beautiful babies from a beautiful woman keep winning,” Nampiima Lydia wrote.

“Ya Allah grant me someone who fears you I need to make nika to someone’s daughter halal is so sweet,” Spender Sudais wrote.

“All the best my dear, I just feel happy to see you guys happy.” Nabasuule Haawa wrote. 


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