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Renah Nalumansi Explained Why Her Marriage Is Still Strong

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Ugandan songstress and song writer Renah Nalumansi known to have been one of the first girls that formed a music group that was known as Dream girls hinted at marriage and explained why her marriage is still standing.

Dream girls music group is better known for their hit song titled Weekend. Renah Nalumansi is reported to have left the music group because many people ignore individual contribution when anything is done as a group.

The songstress resorted to individual composition and is known for songs like; Nyogera, Ontambuzza, Byokola, Kasikonda and many more. Besides, Renah Namakula is a mother and shares a child with Justin Bas also known as Super Kiraka, the founder of Switdrim Music.

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While speaking to Anna Talia Oze in an interview on Bigenda Bitya a program by Sanyuka TV, Renah Nalumansi affirmed that marriages don’t last because many compromise situations. The songstress confessed many men admiring her but she ignores them because she has got a man.

“I avoid compromising situations. Many men admire me, some appreciate me but I make sure that no man crosses my husband’s boundaries,” Renah Nalumansi affirmed.


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