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Renowned Ugandan Singer David Lutalo Reveals His Discomfort With Air Travel


In the world of music, Ugandan singer and songwriter David Lutalo is celebrated for his melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics. His captivating performances on stage have enthralled audiences worldwide.

However, beyond his musical talent lies a personal quirk that has long remained a well-kept secret, David Lutalo’s deep-seated discomfort with air travel, especially during takeoff and landing. In a candid conversation, the artist recently disclosed his unease with flying and shared the reasons behind his aversion to airplanes.

David Lutalo’s unease with air travel stems from a fateful flight he took to an undisclosed destination on a day etched into his memory. The experience of takeoff and landing left a profound impact on him. He vividly recalls the moment when the aircraft’s engines roared to life, and the plane began its ascent into the sky. “I felt like I had no control over the situation,” Lutalo admitted, recounting the sensation of being propelled upwards into the unknown.

Singer David Lutalo
Singer David Lutalo

Similarly, the descent during landing made him equally uncomfortable. “The feeling of descending rapidly towards the earth, not knowing when the plane will touch down, is truly unsettling,” he explained. These sensations, which many passengers find thrilling or exhilarating, have had the opposite effect on Lutalo, making air travel an anxiety-inducing experience.

One aspect of flying that has consistently unnerved David Lutalo is the enigmatic presence of pilots. “You never see them,” he remarked, referring to the fact that pilots are confined to the cockpit, hidden from view throughout the flight. This lack of visibility contributes to his unease. Lutalo admits that being unable to observe the pilot’s actions or gauge their emotions only exacerbates his discomfort.

Additionally, Lutalo highlighted his unease with not knowing when the airplane will suddenly break or stop during landing. “It feels like a leap of faith,” he confessed. The inherent uncertainty of the process, combined with the seemingly invisible hand guiding the aircraft, has reinforced his apprehension toward flying.

Despite his unease, David Lutalo has not allowed his discomfort with air travel to hinder his career. He has been known to embark on international tours, braving long flights and overcoming his fears to perform for his fans. “I love my fans, and I want to give them the best of me, even if it means facing my fear of flying,” he stated.

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