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Reverend Festo Kalungi Hinted At Better Ways Of Child Upbringing


Reverend Festo Kalungi of Uganda hinted at how responsible parents should take care of their children. While sharing his parental thoughts in an interview on Mwasuze Mutya a program by NTV Uganda hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe, he warned parents against assistant parents because some of these parents pass misinformation to children.

“Let us avoid assistant parents doing most of the parenting to our children more than we do. These people have a lot of time than we do yet while at it, they tend to pass on some misinformation to our children,” Rev. Festo Kalungi said.

The Reverend also advised parents never to compare their children to others because children are always discouraged when compared to other children. He says the only better option is to encourage the child to work extremely hard like other children but not comparing them.

According to Rev. Festo, parents usually backbite others in the presence of their children not knowing that they are making a mistake because children carry on with such behaviors.

“Another mistake that we do as parents is one of backbiting others in front of our children. These habits carry on to our children and sometimes inflict badly upon them. It is better to keep them away from the negativity,” Rev. Festo Kalungi said.


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