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Rickman Manrick And Sheilah To Watch Beyonce’s Live Performance In Sweden Soon  

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What memorable moment have you ever shared with your heartbeat? Well, multi-talented singer and song writer Rickman Manrick is willing to have a moment with his girlfriend well-known as Sheilah Gashumba in Sweden.

Through her twitter account, Sheilah Gashumba affirmed that she is to fly to Sweden in May alongside her boyfriend, Rickman Manrick to celebrate her birthday as they watch Beyonce’s live performance. According to Sheilah, her boyfriend has paid for the trip as well as the attendance of the Beyonce’s concert at Stockholm, Sweden.

“When Beyonce announced her tour, I mentioned that I wanted to watch her tour maybe in one of the states in the US. Guess who just bought me a ticket to watch Beyonce with him in Stockholm in May as a birthday gift, thank you my love. First time in Sweden,” Sheilah Gashumba tweeted.

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Well, Rickman Manrick further confessed that he is willing to break a bank just to ensure that his girlfriend watches Beyonce’s live performance in Sweden. This love has just begun.

“My own Cinderella, I’m willing to get my own savings just for you to watch Beyonce’s live performance.” Rickman Manrick wrote.


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