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Roja And Beka Accuse The B2C Trio Of Reduplicating Their Song To Obulungi Bunuma


Young talented and promising Ugandan dou identified as Roja and Beka accuse the B2C singing trio of copyright infringement. The dou affirmed that the B2C latest single dubbed Obulungi Bunuma is reduplicated from Obwaavu Bunuma, a song they recorded in March 2021.

“The B2C singing trio released a song that has got our content. We had the B2C latest single after it’s release and the chorus of Obulungi Bunuma is similar to ours. They only omitted Obwaavu and replaced with Obulungi,” the dou said.


Roja and Beka are green about the person who might have sold their song to the singing trio. According to reports received by Roja and Beka, the B2C latest single was written by somebody.  


“We really don’t know who sold the song to the B2C singing trio but we have heard that there is a writer who wrote the Obulungi Bunuma song for them. So, the writer must have reduplicated our song,” Roja and Beka clarified.

Listen to “Obwavu Bunuma” by Roja and Beka here:


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