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Ronald Alimpa Confessed To Have Quit Drugs

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Ronald Alimpa, Ugandan singer and song writer popularly known for his hit song dubbed Lusuku Lwa Cement has come out clean following his confession of quitting drugs and never to use them in his life.

Not long ago, Ronald Alimpa affirmed drugs being part of his life. In fact, he said drugs are part of his life, he can’t live without them. The singer spoke out the above words during the time he spent in the hospital after surviving an accident that almost took his life.

At some extent, Ronald Alimpa’s mother fought so hard to ensure his son survives without the use of drugs but it was alleged that Alimpa almost beat-up his own mother because of drug usage.

While in an interview, Lusuku Lwa Cement hit maker confessed that he was unaware about the negative impact of using drugs and he is grateful that while he was receiving medication, the doctors took some time and shared with him the negatives regarding the use of drugs.

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“I used drugs while I was at the hospital but I decided to quit, and I am now fine. I was unaware about the dangerous part of using drugs but the doctors who treated me created the awareness, and they requested me to quit drugs.” Ronald Alimpa confessed.

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