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Ronald Mayinja Opens Up About Dual Citizenship; Advocates For Understanding


Renowned Ugandan singer and songwriter, Ronald Mayinja, recently addressed the press upon his return to Uganda, shedding light on a topic that has been a subject of speculation and misunderstanding – his dual citizenship in both “Uganda” and “England.”

Mayinja expressed his disappointment at the persistent questioning about his trips to England, emphasizing that he has acquired citizenship in the country. In a candid discussion with the media, he highlighted the importance of dispelling misconceptions and called for understanding from the public.

The acclaimed artist began by reflecting on his upbringing and the aspirations he held for his family. Mayinja revealed that, from a young age, he harbored a desire for his family, including himself, his wife, and children, to experience life in both Uganda and another country. With the passage of time, dedication, and a legal process, he successfully secured citizenship for himself and his entire family in England.

Mayinja urged the public to appreciate the complexity of his personal journey and to refrain from questioning his trips to England. He emphasized that, according to the law, he is a citizen of both Uganda and England. The singer expressed his commitment to nurturing a dual identity for himself and his family, allowing them to engage with and contribute to both cultures.

Ugandan renowned singer, Ronald Mayinja
Ugandan renowned singer, Ronald Mayinja

“I have always dreamed of providing my family with the opportunity to experience life in different parts of the world. England is now a part of our lives, and I want the public to understand that my travels there are a natural extension of that choice,” Mayinja explained.

He also addressed the persistent speculation surrounding his visits to England, stating, “It’s disheartening to see people question my travels without understanding the context. I am a proud citizen of Uganda and England, and I encourage everyone to respect and accept the choices individuals make for their families.”

Mayinja emphasized the importance of cultural diversity and the benefits of exposure to different environments. He sees his dual citizenship as a means of fostering unity and understanding between communities in Uganda and England.

As he continues his musical journey, Mayinja hopes to use his platform to advocate for tolerance and appreciation of diverse backgrounds. He encourages his fans and the public at large to embrace the idea that individuals can have strong connections to more than one country.

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