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Sauti Sol Makes The Best Music In Kenya; Shakilla Affirmed

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Kenyan socialite and social media influencer Shakila Amin well-known as Shakilla trashed Kenyan music claiming that most Kenyan musicians except Sauti Sol have no relevancy in the music Industry.

According to Shakilla, Kenyan music is average but most musicians make it worse when they involve relationships or breakups as well as stunts in music. The socialite further affirmed on her timeline that the so-called Musicians lack originality and most next releases can be predictable

“I hate Kenyan music. Yes, I said that y’all sounds are average but you make it worse with your cheap stupid relationship stunts. You guys lack originality and your so predictable,” Shakilla wrote.

Exemplary, Shakilla revealed the Kenyan music band or group famously known as Sauti Sol as the best musicians Kenya has ever had because of their originality and good music, but the rest are focusing on relationship stunts.

“Can’t you release music without lame stunts? You be doing the most yet you release trash music. Excluding Sauti Sol, the rest release trash,” Shakilla affirmed.

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Shakilla was born in 2001 in Nairobi and she rose to fame in 2020 after the photos of her beautiful body circulated on social media and online. Besides, the socialite gained a lot of controversy following her previous confession of once being in bed with more than 30 celebrities.

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